Health and Safety

Food & Safety Certification

This two-module bundle is designed for those in the Food & Beverage industry who are required to assign employees to specific training which includes offline activities and a scored assessment.... (Read more)

Ice Safety (Course)

Uncover the Secrets to Protecting Customers from Bacteria-Infested Ice & Ice Machines and Stop Making Customers Sick with Dirty Ice Although this module is for everyone in the Food and Bever... (Read more)

Preventing Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen (Course)

Do you want to learn how to eliminate bacteria that cause food poisoning, raise inspection grades, and certify employees in cross-contamination? In this course, we will define Cross-Contaminatio... (Read more)

The Pain of Work-Setting Yourself Free (Course)

“Workers are spending more time on computers and, as a result, the percentage of office workers with musculoskeletal issues is increasing, according to an ergonomics evaluation study conducted by t... (Read more)