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Preventing Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen (Course)

Do you want to learn how to eliminate bacteria that cause food poisoning, raise inspection grades, and certify employees in cross-contamination? In this course, we will define Cross-Contaminatio... (Read more)

Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace (Course)

It is critical that you learn how to protect yourself in the event of an active shooter in your business. In this course, Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace, we will: Review... (Read more)

The Pain of Work-Setting Yourself Free (Course)

“Workers are spending more time on computers and, as a result, the percentage of office workers with musculoskeletal issues is increasing, according to an ergonomics evaluation study conducted by t... (Read more)

Work Life Faith Balance

Welcome to Work/Life/Faith Balance: A Guide to Healthy Living. In this second module in the 'God's Way' Series, we will follow the story of Marla, a single, working mother of two, and try to help h... (Read more)

Edification and Our Role as Christians

Welcome to our new series of 10-minute modules entitled God’s Way, which are eLearning modules based on Christianity and Christian values, designed to help Christian non-profit organizations and th... (Read more)

Effective Meeting Strategies

Are you tired of having so many meetings in a day, that you have no time in the workday to complete your job role assignments? In this module, you will learn the five-step process to hosting and me... (Read more)