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Walking in Faith

This four-module bundle is designed to help you (or members of your Bible Study group) live a more fulfilling life in your walk with Jesus. This package includes the following modules: Confl... (Read more)

Food & Safety Certification

This two-module bundle is designed for those in the Food & Beverage industry who are required to assign employees to specific training which includes offline activities and a scored assessment.... (Read more)

God's Prescription for a Healthy Heart

Did you know the word ’heart’ is mentioned 850 times, just in the Old Testament alone?! That is because the condition of our spiritual heart is important to God. In this module, we will learn not o... (Read more)

Conflict Resolution...God’s Way

How were you taught to resolve conflict? Many people are raised in families where hot tempers were the primary example of how to deal with disagreements. Proverbs 15:18 says “A hot-tempered person ... (Read more)

Ice Safety (Course)

Uncover the Secrets to Protecting Customers from Bacteria-Infested Ice & Ice Machines and Stop Making Customers Sick with Dirty Ice Although this module is for everyone in the Food and Bever... (Read more)

Preventing Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen (Course)

Do you want to learn how to eliminate bacteria that cause food poisoning, raise inspection grades, and certify employees in cross-contamination? In this course, we will define Cross-Contaminatio... (Read more)